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Here are the finishes and processes Tripp Plating offers. See printable PDF Charts below for detailed information. Please feel free to call us about your speciific plating needs.

Black Oxide Plating

Tripp Black Oxide PlatingUsed on Steel, it is a coating formed by a chemical reaction with iron in the metal and provides an integral protective surface.

Chrome Plating

Tripp Chrome PlatingUsed on Steel (Decorative Chrome - Bright finish), Brass (Decorative Chrome - Satin finish), Copper, Aluminum and Zinc. Provides a non-tarnishing, decorative, and wear resistant surface over bare, polished or unpolished metal or over an undercoat of copper and/or nickel.

Copper Plating

Tripp Copper PlatingProvides excellent electrical conductivity properties for applications such as electronics and telecommunications. Excellent undercoat for nickel and chromium decorative coatings. Used as a mask in surface hardening procedures.

Iridite Plating

Tripp Iridite PlatingUsed on Aluminum (good paint base) and Magnesium (limited corrosion protection).

Tin Plating

Tripp Tin PlatingUsed on all metals, it provides bright cosmetic surface, excellent solderability, excellent electrical conductivity, good corrosion resistance.

Nickel Plating

Tripp Nickel PlatingUsed on Wrought Bras, Cast Brass, Aluminum, Copper, Zinc, Carbon and Stainless Steel. Provides bright or dull corrosion protection for polished or unpolished Stainless Steel, Carbon, Zinc, Copper, Cast Brass, Aluminum or Wrought Brass. Excellent corrosion resistant coating over copper plate or as undercoat for decorative chome.

Brass Plating

Tripp Brass PlatingUsed on all metals, it gives a muted yellow color, somewhat similar to gold. It is relatively resistant to tarnishing when lacquered.

Zinc Plating

Tripp Zink PlatingUsed on various metals, it provides an excellent, attractive finish and good corrosion resisistance, enhanced corrosion resistance with clear chromate and seal, enhanced corrosion resistance with yellow chromate and seal, attractive final finish, and a good paint base.


Deburring: Removes machine burrs from machined parts. Smoothes objects.

Degreasing: Chemical removal of foreign material and unwanted substances. Also removes tiny particles and residue present on the surface of the metal.

Bright Dipping: Bright Dip is a chemical process that removes oxides and enhances the brightness of base metals while at the same time providing a shiny finish to the original base material color. The finish part brightness depends on the type of base material. Also will not leave any deposit on the surface of the part for future processing steps.

Passivation: Removes surface contaminants. Promotes the natural corrosion resistance of stainless steels by providing a thin, clear oxide film.

Pickling: Cleans metal.

Polishing: Smoothes & shines metals.


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